Are you and your buildings fire ready and compliant?

Azzo Project Services have the technical knowledge and on-site experience to deliver all your passive fire needs in a time effective and cost efficient manner.

Who are we?

Azzo Project Services Pty Ltd prides itself on professional management and service delivery second to none. There is no project too complex. Our motto is “100 over 100”, our attitude is ethical and professional.

We offer a turn key solution from design to certification and on going inspect & test management.

Azzo Project Services is a North Queensland owned business operating in Queensland, Northern Territory and Internationally. We have been operating since 2006 and our Director has been involved in fire protection since 1986.

There is no surer way to be fire ready than to speak with us for the latest passive fire and bushfire protection solutions.

Our Services


When you engage Azzo Project Services we go to great lengths to make sure an ethical and fair audit is undertaken. Our audit reports will give you a thorough and detailed investigation of your establishment. The report will determine the level of compliance that is required to meet the required standards.

Fire Stopping Installation

Our installation team is highly experienced in dealing with a vast array of passive fire protection systems ranging from penetrative systems to passive barriers. We have experience working with multiple manufactures and their products. Our knowledge gives us the ability to solve almost all problems encountered on-site, saving time and money.

Test and Inspections

To ensure that all your passive fire systems are compliant and guaranteed to provide protection for both people and property, engage Azzo Project Services to perform a test and inspections of all systems in your establishment. We test and inspect according to the maintenance schedule of relevant Australian standards and industry requirements.

Passive Fire Certification

We provide a comprehensive 'Clerk of Works' style management and certifications when carrying out our projects, including defect reporting and rectification management. Certifications include: Form 16, Passive Fire Register, Marked up drawings, Photographic site reports

Design, Specification & Scope

We can provide you with design and specifications for passive fire requirements so that your project remains efficient and on schedule prior to building commencement. Engaging Azzo Project Services during the design stage of the development will prevent you from being caught out and incurring added costs. Azzo Project Services endorses and provides Documentation of a Passive Fire Design Specification and Form 15.

Bushfire Consultancy

The AZZO team demonstrates excellence in offering practical and efficient solutions for preparing buildings in bushfire prone areas and general fire management. At AZZO, we take pride in delivering professional fire advice at all levels to meet our clients' specific requirements. Whether you need a Bushfire Attack Level report (BAL), Bushfire Hazard and Management Report, or a risk assessment for your property, our team possesses the expertise you seek. Collaboratively, we will develop and optimize your fire preparedness plan to ensure you are well-equipped and ready to face any fire-related challenges.

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